Dear Moms.

I hope everyone had an AWESOME 4th of July filled with lots of family, friends, & fireworks! 

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The fam and I spent the day at my inlaws hanging out in the pool and eating. I made a flag cake and there was beer. Later that night we went downtown to drive around forever looking for parking and fight a huge crowd just to watch fireworks that my kids didn’t give 2 shits about. Then we got Kilwins ice cream. It was pretty much your #basic 4th of July.

(Side Note: If you are in the market for a new bouncer, we love our Baby Bjorn Bouncer. It’s super lightweight and folds flat so you can take it with you. Plus my toddler loves it just as much as my infant!! Seriously, it’s the bees knees.)

Now to the point of this post, as we were leaving downtown I started looking through my phone at my pictures I had taken that day and realized I didn’t get one picture of me with any of the boys. I had pictures of Tommy & Declin, Declin & Cooper, and Tommy & Cooper but I wasn’t in a single picture from Cooper’s first 4th of July. Then I remembered that my mom had taken some, so off to Instagram I went to see if she had posted it.


OMG she had posted it and all I could do was count all of my chins, think about how wide my shirt made me look, and cringe at my man hands. I literally spent the whole 30 minute car ride home looking back at that picture and picking myself apart. When we got home I drowned my feelings in a bowl of fruity cherrios and went to bed pissed off at myself.

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The next day while cleaning the entire house (wasting time on Facebook) I realized that in 30 years from now, Declin and Cooper won’t care how I looked in pictures. All that matters is that we have these pictures to remind us of the memories and to cherish once loved ones are no longer with us. Soooooooooo here it is:

Dear Moms,

STOP being like me. STOP tearing yourself apart over what you think are imperfections. STOP overly criticizing every picture that is made of you. Your kids will need these pictures for comfort when you are no longer here. ❤️

And to all the significant others, make us step out from behind the lens once in a while. No matter how much we fight you on it.

❤️ The Mom Who Hates Pictures

Even though I still hate that picture, I’m working on loving it.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think.

❤️ Tori


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10 thoughts on “Dear Moms.

  1. Lisa

    So, 2003 4 days in Disney World, 5 rolls (back in the olden days you had “rolls of film) of 36 exposure film….180 pictures-not 1 single picture of me in there… Awesome photos of Tom & the 7 kids-not one with Mom!!!! The only Picture with all 9 of us was taken by the “Disney” guy in front of Epcot (that I had to beg Tom to purchase)……That photo is now our Family portrait because only 5 days later our youngest passed away….
    So no this is not a story so you feel bad….
    Listen to Tori…. take pictures!!! Take UGLY pictures, take STUPID pictures…take them all…. my biggest regret is that I do t have a picture with Quinn, I have pictures with every single other person and Quinn-but not me & Quinn!!!!

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    1. Lisa Dailey

      I look back at the masses of photograph’s I have moved from Alabama to Florida.. then to climate control storage until we finally moved in our tiny little house back in 2006 here in Florida..then moving them from house to house until present location for over 7 years now (saying all this to share just how much the photographs mean to me) & of all the prized memories only a tiny % actually are photographs of Tori & me… I was always so self conscious of my weight.. Always on a diet & would say “Ugh I don’t like this outfit on me.. makes me look even more over weight” or “I don’t have makeup on & my hair is not styled”… It makes me so sad as the same goes for photographs with my parents!! I read Lisa Conway’s comment & it brings tears to my face as I know how much she loves her babies!! I read Dorothy’s comment & I can just hear Lisa (Burkhardt) making that statement “I hate myself in pictures” and the crazy thing about that is she so beautiful inside & out!!!! I am still a working progress however I have come a long way!! I believe in snapping silly pics & I know sometimes you just don’t want feel like fooling with taking yet another picture but please please JUST DO IT!!! Tori every blog I read I think OMG this is my favorite however each one gets better!!! I can’t say it enough I am so proud of you for sharing your thoughts & helpful advice to everyone!! You are my hero & I love you ❤

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  2. Dorothy

    ❤️❤️❤️ My moms exact words ” I hate pictures of myself ” Pictures are reminders of memories our brains block out bc of the million other things going on in life. Take the pictures!! Every picture I have brings a smile to my face 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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