My Boys Are Enough.

Dad, mom, brother, & sister.

Societies idea of a perfect family.

At least 2-3 times a week I get told that all I need is a girl, when in reality I just need a big glass of wine. But for real, why do I need a girl? I think my 2 little dudes are perfect.


Amiright or what???

Back to my soapbox…

Every time someone tells me that I “need” a girl or that I have to try for a girl it makes me  feel like that person thinks the boys aren’t enough to make me happy. They are enough.  I don’t need a girl to be happy. These 2 little terrors fill my life with so much happiness I could puke rainbows!

Who cares that I won’t get to have tea parties or pick out prom dresses. I get to haul stinky boys to and from lacrosse practice and pick out tuxedos for prom. I get to kiss boo boos after their first skateboard fall.

And most important…

I get to raise the men and possibly husbands and fathers of tomorrow. That is such an amazing challenge to me! To raise my boys into men who can make a difference in someone else’s life is the ultimate accomplishment.

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So, please stop telling me I need a girl. I don’t. My boys are ENOUGH!

#boymoms let me know how you feel when people tell you that you “need” a girl!




7 thoughts on “My Boys Are Enough.

  1. Sydney Hartle

    I love this post and I love your attitude! Definitely don’t let people tell you your family can’t be complete without little girls – and especially don’t let them tell you having boys means you can’t have tea parties! Everyone benefits from make-believe and practicing table manners. And who doesn’t love tiny tea sandwiches?? 🙂

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