Short & Sweet

Just wanted to post this to let you know what all we have been dealing with since going silent after my last post!

I was supposed to attend MommyCon on Saturday, September 2nd and was planning to post about all the amazing brands and seminars that were there. Just like almost everything else in motherhood, things did not go as planned. Friday night Cooper started getting really sick and was waking up about every 30 minutes or so. He was miserable. So after getting worse throughout Saturday we decided to take him to the ER. Once we arrived to the ER his oxygen levels were registering too low so they put him on oxygen and took us back right away to do some tests. His RSV test came back positive so they admitted us. On top of RSV he was still dealing with Salmonella from vacation, this dude just can’t catch a break!


They transferred us to a hospital with a pediatric unit and we finally got to go home on Wednesday. We had to continue breathing treatments every 4 hours and he was on steroids for the next 2 day.


On top of the hospital stay with an infant which is never fun, there was also a major hurricane headed our way. Needless to say it has been a crazy few weeks.

I am finally getting back into the swing of things and have a few posts that I plan to get out this week! Thanks for sticking with me while I was MIA for a few weeks! ❤️





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