The Potty Training Chronicles: Part 2

The little plastic throne has made its way into our living room again for round two! I was prepared this time unlike my first attempt at potty training Declin. You can read all about that major fail here!


We are on day 5 and Declin is doing a kick ass job and having very few accidents! So I thought I would share the things that helped me the most this time around.

  1. Read Oh Crap! Potty Training Jamie Glowacki, who is dubbed “The Pied Piper of Poop” really knows her shit. Literally. Image result for oh crap potty training
  2. Get a simple, no frills potty chair. We used the Baby Bjorn potty because is was short enough for Declin to sit on it by himself. 
  3. Treats. DON’T FORGET THE TREATS! We used m&ms because that was something that Declin hadn’t had yet so it was a fun new treat for using the potty. I only used them for the first two days that way he didn’t expect them every time he used the potty. 
  4. Get a travel potty to leave in the car! We like this one from OXO because it can stand on its own or go over a full sized toilet. 
  5. The most important tip I can give is don’t stress yourself out over it! The first time I tried I was so anxious and I think Declin picked up on that and wanted nothing to do with the potty. This time I was a lot more laid back about the whole thing and he was more open and accepting to it. If you try and you don’t get anywhere in a few days take a step back, regroup and try again in a week or so! 

Good luck on your potty training adventures! If you are a seasoned pro leave a few more tips below in the comments to help out all of us newbies! Don’t forget to come back and let me know how it goes! ❤️


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