STOP Mom Guilting Yourself!

Mom Guilt.

It’s that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as soon as you sit down for a pedicure, or get to a hair appointment for the first time in a year, or hang out with your #momgang, or anything that doesn’t involve taking your precious little devil spawn with you.

Chances are if you have kids you know the feeling and you know what a bitch “mom guilt” is.

IT SUCKS! As moms our whole life revolves around these tiny humans. Taking them to doctors, taking them to school, feeding them, changing diapers, pretty much doing anything that makes their life a little easier. So I think we deserve a break every now and then and we should be able to enjoy that break without “mom guilt” showing her nasty face!

If you are like me, you are more than ready to pass the little shitheads off to the other parent to enjoy a break and not feel bad about it. So there you are, all excited about getting a little break and then BAM! it hits you. You still don’t feel bad about leaving the kids, nope, now you feel bad about not feeling bad about leaving the kids. “Mom guilt” for not having “mom guilt”. SERIOUSLY!?!?

So, how do we make it stop? I’m still trying to figure that out, but I have a few methods I will be trying this weekend as I take my first trip away from the boys. Most of which involve peeing alone, different types of alcohol, eating my food in peace, and uninterrupted sleep. I’ll being doing live updates on my Instagram throughout the weekend.

Until then enjoy that glass of wine, go walk around Target alone, get a manicure, or just go sit in your car alone listening to the radio turned up. But try to do it without the guilt!

How do you deal with “mom guilt”? Any tips or things I should try for my first weekend away?? Leave them all below in the comments! ❤️

Also, just want to say that I truly do love my kids even though I think they are asshole spawns of satan. Just thought you should know.



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